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aMidianBorn Bonemold armor by CaBaL


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I sent him a message here on the forums that as soon as he adds those to the Book they will be incorporated into STEP. I also requested a retex of the Nightingale armors.

If I had to make a request, it would be for stormcloak armors. There are a few great imperial retexture mods but I have yet to find a good stormcloak retexture.
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Adding on to the request fest' date=' I'd like to see him do the Daedric armor and weapons soon. The current mod for it is questionable and doesn't really fit the game that well.[/quote']

I used to love the step mod for daedric that we're using now but I'm starting to change my mind. It looks a bit too cheesey. I rather just see a nice high res texture for the vanilla style or something similar. 

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Yea' date=' do agree that the current mod should be dropped. Also, Fine Hat retexture, make it happen.[/quote']

I wouldn't drop it until a suitable replacement is found. It's still a nice looking mod...I just think a nice retexture of the vanilla style would just be better. The default HD DLC daedric armor is so so. I think this mod is better until cabal or someone else makes a solid retexture.

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