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College of Winterhold Entry Requirements (by TorchicBlaziken)


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This mod basically sets up entry requirements for getting into the College of Winterhold:

This mod adds skill requirements to join the College of Winterhold. It is fully voiced because Bethesda planned to have requirements to join the College at one point and recorded lines for being rejected. Also, when Faralda tests your magical prowess, she will test you on your highest skill instead of randomly selecting one of the schools of magic. You can still bypass the test by showing Faralda that you are Dragonborn during the main quest, or with persuasion, just like in vanilla.


The requirements are fully customizable using the MCM. You can set a skill level requirement in one school of magic, and set a requirement for a certain skill level with the other four. You can also set a Magicka and level requirement. I kept a wide range of available values to account for uncappers and 1.9's removal of the level limit. For those who do not use the MCM for whatever reason, the requirements can still be fully customized using the console; see the readme for detail.

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I wouldn't know personally as I am currently unable to play Skyrim (need to save and get a PC that isn't dying a slow death). I would say that it may be incompatible with anything that modifies the college test. The Choice is Yours comes to mind.


But the mod is so simple that I doubt it has too many incompatibilities.

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Bumping this back to attention with the recent release of Not So Fast - Mage Guild. (STEP thread for that mod).


2.2 doesn't appear to conflict with Not So Fast, but it does have a packaging error. During instllation with Mod Organizer, you would need to move the Scripts folder out of the extra Data folder. Otherwise, the scripts from this mod will not get installed, and you'll end up missing the MCM menu and the features of this mod.


I have messaged the author about this issue.

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