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BOSS Gremlins

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Im just curious... spent the last couple days rebuilding an install, and over the course of that, I downloaded about a dozen new BOSS lists.


Is this some sort of automated process, or do we really have amazing BOSS Gremlins pushing six new lists a day?! XD

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I don't understand your question. BOSS is an automated tool. It does automatically sort your load order. It does automatically download a new Masterlist each time it's released and it does not download it when your Masterlist is up to date.


What is your question, exactly?

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If you have the box checked to update the master list every time you sort your mods, it will check for and download a new version if one exists. The lists are updated by people (was going to say humans but I can't be sure they all are) so some times there are quite a few updates if the maintainers have enough spare time to get a bunch of mods added or not. They do an incredible job. :)


I believe Wrinkly posted that he plans to update BOSS so that it actually uses Subversion to download the changes. By that I mean it will only download the difference. This would mean much faster\smaller downloads each time as the list is getting quite large. This will be even more important if they plan to add more translations.


Anyways, hopefully the answer you were looking for is in this post, along with More Information Than You Require. ;)

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Yeah, thank you Wormheart. I guess I knew the updates had to be man-made, but I'm still amazed at how often they come out.


( I was obviously aware its an automated tool, but very few automated tools get updated so often! )


Kudos to the the great people keeping BOSS up to date :)

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