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Enhanced Lightning for ENB by JawZ


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Considering that it changes by a rather big deal every week JawZ works on it then it is still way too early to give it a full analysis. I am following it closely, and the quality of JawZ work in ENB is normally in the top of the category, however he is just one guy with alot to do. I am sure he would not mind some more feedback when he request it, but I would not recommend it for any use in playthroughs at its current stage.

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Author himself states that the mod is in alpha stage. IMHO there is no point testing or even trying it out at this point.

Absolutely.  I didn't mean in an official STEP capacity, but rather has anyone like what they've seen in it so far.   I don't understand all the jargon, so I was just wondering what level of hype the brainiacs here have for it. Anyone try it out and like what they have seen?
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All people who get into tweaking ENB´s at a higher level knows about JawZ contributions, and as such I personally look very much forward to seeing what he will do.


I know one thing he is trying hard to do is to make sure that the skybox boundry (Annoying line in the far distance that can be seen in quite a few weathers etc) will not be really visible. But also just to have a light weight weather mod that looks great and have a nice atmosphere.

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