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NetImmerse Override

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Expired (the mad genius who brought us EFF, RaceMenu, and CharGen Extension) has recently outdone himself with the release of the NetImmerse Override SKSE plugin. This new modder's resource allows for scripts to change textures and shaders on armors that are active on a particular actor as well as applying overlays to an actor. The full list of features (which will hopefully be expanded to weapons) includes:


Shader Modifiers

Emissive Color

Emissive Multiple


Specular Strength

Lighting Effect 1

Lighting Effect 2

Texture Set

Tint Color (Auto converts shaderType, and can be used to recolor almost anything)




Controller Modifiers


Start Time

Stop Time





Add overlays to an Actor

Remove overlays from an Actor

Check overlays on an Actor



Expired describes the purpose of this plugin as:


To allow overriding of Armor shader properties that are active on particular Actors. Also allows overriding properties of specific node names (Advanced use only). All modifications are saved to the SKSE co-save and do not need to be re-applied on reload. All armor modifications are re-applied automatically when re-equipped.


Some examples of things you can do with it:

Runtime texture swapping

Runtime emissive color changing (Think daedric glow, you can change the color of that)

Stopping/Starting/Modifying time controllers (Think pulsing speed of an animation)



This new resource will definitely open up a whole new realm for Skyrim mods! Among these would be adding a glowing tattoo or other feature that grows or increases in intensity as a player levels certain skills, the ability to swap textures (I don't think you can swap meshes, however) on the fly (for example a chameleon armor that changes to Imperial or StormCloak depending on the allegiance of the hold you're in), and adding effects to / swapping textures on enemy armor or shields or your own (imagine a shield that glows brighter as you near an objective or certain enemy type).



What do you guys think some good uses for this awesome new resource would be and which mods do you think it could potentially revolutionize?

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No need for STEP to include this as it is part of Race Menu 2.0 as is CharGen. It would be a good idea to at least mention it in the wiki so people are aware. I'm really surprised at the level SKSE has reached with Skyrim. It has really allowed many modders to go way beyond the creation kit is so many ways.

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Yeah, I would like to see something like a special mage's robe that starts glowing when near a magical item or an armor that has a certain effect in the sun and a different one in the moonlight. Just things like that which would make custom loot highly desirable.


EDIT: Spelling because I live in southwest US and the sun has melted my brain.

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I don't think it is... at least RaceMenu's mod page doesn't indicate that it is, while it does state that NetImmerse Override is included. I guess we can extrapolate that CharGen Extension is not... I'll extract the .BSA file when I get home later and check.

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