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Skyrim -Elys- MemInfo by Elys


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An in-game monitoring tool. Recommended by Neo in another post.


Use the ScrollLock key (or optionally the NumLock or CapsLock key) to show or hide the following values on your screen:


VM : The maximum Virtual Memory Skyrim can address.


MEM : The current amount in megabytes of physical memory used by Skyrim.

PF : The current amout in megabytes used by Skyrim in the Windows Pagefile.


MEM PK: The highest value of MEM reached during the session.

PF PK: The highest value of PF reached during the session.


FPS: Frames per Seconds.


You also the possibility to display the MemInfo, Skyrim and SKSE versions, the open handles count, and a clock by tweaking the settings

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I've been using this in my STEP/SR install for the last few weeks to monitor in-game RAM usage. I find it very useful for testing the effects of new mods and texture packs and definitely recommend it.

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Whats wrong with Skyrim Performance Monitor?


Is this a less intrusive way of doing the same thing? Never had any issues with SkyPerfMon, but then again have been having issues with some mods causeing freezing. If this is a lighter weight way of doing it, id be interested

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I started using it sometime in December 2011 but I don't anymore Performance Monitor seems to give just as reliable info and it gives info on more things. BUT simply for Memory usage MemInfo DOES give more detailed information

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