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No Permanent Essentials

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This is a rather neat mod. I got annoyed by the fact that in vanilla Skyrim I could hardly kill anyone, yet I was reluctant to simply install a "de-essentialize everyone" mod, because of all the problems those mods can create.


This mod is a neat compromise. NPCs remain essential up until the point the player completes their relevant quests. After that, they become killable.


Not only that, this mod actually unlocks some (minor) hidden content, namely dialogue that would not previously arise because it would require the death of an essential NPC.


I think this a good candidate for STEP, as its a fairly unintrusive feature that serves to make the game more immersive without (theoretically) breaking anything. The only problems I see arising is in the case of quest mods and such that might rely on certain NPCs remaining alive.

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Only problem is there are conflicts with Even Better Quest Objectives - specifically, depending on load order, you'll either not get the improved objectives from EBQO, or No Permanent Essentials doesn't work for the quests both mods modify. A compatibility patch may be comming soon.

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