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Hotkey Casting

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So kind of like Oblivion. Except there's no animation.



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I have used More Hotkeys Please ( https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/23416 ) for a couple of days now and must say it's very powerful.


Whats Included



  • Hotkey just about anything that can be equipped. (Spells, Weapons, Armor, Shouts, Powers, Torches, etc.)
  • 100 hotkey slots, 10 cycles, and 30 sets can be used.
  • MutiKeys such as (Shift + x).
  • Press and Hold Keys
  • Double Tap Keys
  • GameKeys to replace game functions such as Sheath, Sneak, etc.
  • Various Shortcuts to speed up setting and deleting hotkeys.
  • You can choose which hand you would like as default for spells. (Right, Left, Both)
  • Hotkey Auto Casting. With Re-Equipping or Un-Equipping. (Left, Right and Dual Cast)
  • 20 Cycling keys that can cycle up to 11 items or sets.
  • Equip Single Items, Multiple Items, or Entire Sets to any Hotkey or Cycle.
  • Chain Cast by creating a Cycle with Auto Casting.
  • HotKey Restore Health, Stamina, and Magicka Potions.
  • An Un-equip HotKey under utilities. It will un-equip your left then right hand.
  • An option to clear all HotKey data under utilities.
  • A list of set keys under utilities.
  • New MCM menu system for much easier and convenient HotKey setup.


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If anyone's interested, the mod wasn't removed, it was merely 'moved'.


It's now an optional file at the author's main mod, SkyTweak.

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The other parts of SkyTweak seem more interesting to me than the hotkeys part.

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Yeah I'm sad to say I never got around to testing this, I tried More Hotkeys Please and fell in love, then noticed the link no longer worked. Thanks for pointing that out rpsgc

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Well while I'm here I might as well submit a bug report for my own mod.


Concentration spells will never stop casting if the KeyUp event is prevented somehow.

Conflicting hotkeys can cause this, but there may be other causes.


additionally certain transformations can cause spells to fire from the wrong location.

Because the playerreference's object reference gets left behind somewhere, and the spells fire from an object reference.


I'm not sure if this affects vampires and werewolves as I got this report from a user who used a pony transformation mod


either way the latter can be fixed by placing an object reference inside the player's inventory I believe.

I just haven't gotten around to seeing that actually works.

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