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Animation Tweaks and Fixes

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They are nice.i really like how they work with dual sheath redux. Some of these do replace skeletons. A few points

1 They do not work out of the box if you ave separate female animations.

2 If you use XPMS hip dagger the order you load these in ois quite important.

3. They might take a bit of care installing for custom races due to skeleton issues. (Not sure.)


In general they mix well with other animations (such as XP32 and 360 walk), just do not install over top of XP32's combat animations (which are gendered, at least as I installed them) as they will not override the female specific animations.


It seems that Bergzore is actively expanding this and creating more animations so it would be worthwhile to check back periodically.


BTW, GEMS has a clever spreadsheet that shows which animations are altered by which mod. It compares YY Animations, XP32's New Animations and Bergzore's ATAF. Link:



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I downloaded all these and none of the files contain a character assets folder, which is where a skeleton would be.

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The file ATAF Weapons on Back Relaxed (currently at the bottom of the Optionals section) has the modified skeletons in it for dual swords on back or sword and shield on back. The rest of the files only contain animations.


I'm currently using the main file, Greatsword Sprint, Strafe and Sword and Board Relaxed. It looks good so far but I haven't been playing all that much, hopefully I'll get to actually play the game before TESXIV ;)

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