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Dexion Evicus glitch fix


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I stumbled upon this mod yesterday. It's brand new and fresh.


Although I have not played through Dawnguard yet, from a few comments it seems it does it's work. A quote from description:


Annoying Dexion Evicus who is getting attacked inside the barrier and once you rescue him, he wait you inside Dawnguard keep just to try to attempt your life....


I found hard to believe that no-one (including unofficial Dawnguard patch) has been able to fix this \"simple\" but hard to discover fix for this annoying and stupid glitch.


What I did? Just adding the right Vampire faction to him... first with console, manually testing over and over again till I found a right one to fit, then, once found, just creating a esp to do all the workaround for you so that you dont have to do anything else.

Although it's yet another ESP, it seems that it's doing it's job. As I said, I have not played DG yet, so I cannot vouch that it's all correct.


I asked the author if they reported this bug to Unofficial Patch team, so that they could merge his fix into the next version of UDGP, but received no response so far.


Can anyone confirm if this glitch is indeed a glitch?

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