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Simple Dual Sheath Help



Want to install read the room. But noticing some issues with simple dual sheath and weapons styles Led. Getting an errors on the main menu with parts not recognised. I’ll send some screenshots to help. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with simple dual sheath and weapons styles IED. The first message I receive is simple dual sheath is not recognised. Note I do have XPSE installed due to some mods needing it.

I do want to install Immersive Equipment displays, Simple Dual Sheath, Weapon Styles - Draw-Sheathe animations for IED and open Animation Replacer - IED Conditions.

XP32 maximum skeleton special extended installed and XPMSSE left hand shealth rotation fix .

I recently was on the current version but dropped back to 1.6.640 due to some mods not working in the latest version. But I’ll send a screenshot to show the errors I’m receiving https://i.ibb.co/HGJ5Nkf/IMG-0477.jpg

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I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue. 

For now, could you verify that you downloaded the correct Simple Dual Sheath version? Both downloads were obtusely given the same version number in the Nexus page. 

Also, any chance you’re using the Comprehensive Attack Speed Patch? This was noted to prevent Simple Dual Sheath interface from loading for a user on Nexus.

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You likely have game-file incompatibilities after downgrading. Check if _ResourcePack ESL/BSA exist under ..\Data\ These files should not exist under 1.6.640, so if they do, it's evidence of an incomplete downgrade.

Take the advice of OAR by clicking Shift+O and the bottom bar for more info.

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