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Backported Extended ESL Support (by Nukem)


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Backported Extended ESL Support by Nukem
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Only applicable to SkyrimSE runtime 1.5.97-1.6.640. This mod is unnecessary for gameplay with runtime version ≥ 1.6.1130. However, it's still needed by those using NGIO to generate a grass cache, which requires 1.5.97 runtime to generate and can subsequently be used in later runtime versions for gameplay.

This may be useful for generating grass cache, since the old runtime doesn't support the expanded esl formids.

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Unless I'm missing something, this isn't relevant, because our guides will always update (eventually) with the game updates. I personally update my game files with the official releases (albeit the updates always break things until all the applicable mods are updated likewise).

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5 hours ago, DoubleYou said:

If we continue to have to use NGIO to generate grass cache, we need to be able to use old runtime on plugins using the new formids. 

4 hours ago, Mousetick said:

Not directly relevant to the guides but necessary for generating grass cache with 1.5.97 runtime.


Ahhh yes ... I see now.


ESL Range has been doubled to 4096 records.


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