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ENB Dynamic Cubemaps


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ENB Dynamic Cubemaps by themilkdrinker
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Cubemap textures to enable ENBs dynamic cubemaps on vanilla objects for the lazy. Overwrite everything, otherwise you won't have the effect.

For ENB users. To activate the dynamic cubemap effect, set "EnableDynamicCubemap=true" in enbseries.ini located in the \Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition folder.

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The included eyecubemap.dds is way too bright. This can be cured by changing the settings in enbseries.ini under EYE, then changing ALL the "ReflectionAmountMultiplier" series from 1.0 to at least 0.2 or lower. Tinker with it until you are happy.

Or hide the included eyecubemap and use a different one from an eye mod or i.e. Subtle Eye cubemap.

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