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Dynamic Collision Adjustment (by Ershin)


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There a lot of unaddressed 'bugs' --some of which are likely not bugs but others related to crashes (and confirmed). Because the MA has not so much as responded to anything since Oct, 2022, I think we'll need to pass on this one. It's too bad because this concept is a good one.

Note the SSE Display Tweaks fix for a couple of the bugs mentioned by other users. Setting the following to 'true' apparently resolves these issues:

## Disable actor fade when camera intersects the body.
DisableActorFade=true ; DEFAULT=false

## Disable player fade when camera intersects the body.
DisablePlayerFade=true ; DEFAULT=false

We may want to consider adopting these two apart from using this mod.

@DoubleYou@Greg@TechAngel85, opinions?

If more support comes in from people having used this mod for a playthrough or two, then I think we can reconsider.


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