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Simple Puddle Reflection Flicker Fix (by fadingsignal)


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Simple Puddle Reflection Flicker Fix (Water and Blood) by fadingsignal
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Quote from the Ablaze666, author of Fixed Flickering Puddles:


I knew this question was coming. The linked mod [Fixed Flickering Puddles] is really crap and it was about time that a real fix was made. It worked only under certain contitions and failed if you used a workbench or looked through a scope. Looks like the author was trying hard but had no clue what the actual trigger for the bug is. I can only advice everybody to get rid of it immediately.

Source: I was the author of the linked mod...


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I am convinced by kediwah's  (aka i860 on the RE discord) testing that this mod does nothing, so I'm dropping this from testing. I believe it is a placebo. After extensive testing, it has been found that just simply loading the ENB binary is enough to cause the puddle flickering issue, even with all effects disabled, and I think that is the source of the "vanilla" issue. I have never been able to reproduce this in full vanilla (i.e., no enb binary present).

If the bug is a vanilla issue due to cubemaps changing, the change to bright white is likely caused by some of the cubemaps lacking a transparent alpha channel. If we do find this occurs in vanilla, likely adding a transparent alpha channel to the offending cubemaps will likely be enough to make the flickering miniscule enough to be unnoticeable. I did some testing utilizing modified cubemaps with transparent alpha channels, and it seems to remove the most obvious flickering that was occurring with ENB enabled.

I could be wrong about some or all of this, but this is what I've concluded after many hours of testing. The previous fix was worse than the bug anyway.

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