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Dawnguard Radiant Quest Adjustment


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https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32681 Dawnguard Radiant Quest Adjustment


**** Dawnguard is required for this Mod ****



This Mod alters the random way in which the radiant quests are given in Dawnguard to increase the likelihood that the special radiant quests will be the ones given.

It does not add, change or remove any quests, it modifies the chances of the existing quests appearing.



To install simply download and activate using NMM or download the file manually, unpack with 7-zip and drop the plugin into your Skyrim Data folder, then ensure that it is activated in your Data files.


To uninstall, simply use NMM to uninstall or delete the file from your Skyrim Data folder.


Load Order

Make sure to add this AFTER anything else that alters Dawnguard Radiant Quests.


Final Comments

I would like to thank the Nexus community for the support and encouragement that spurred me on to create this Mod, Sydney666 is mostly to blame ;) and most especially to Eckss for all of his help and advice.

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Well, I like the idea, but I haven't downloaded or installed or tested it. I got rather annoyed that I had to kill yet another stupid vampire at the other side of the world and run all the way back. I actually got so annoyed that I reenabled fast travelling only for this matter - so this mod might help... a little.

I would prefer a mod that allows the special quests besides the random quests, so for example you can get one special quest from each of the quest givers plus one or two random quests from each of them - or no random quest at all if you've already gotten a special quest from that quest giver.

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I think you should keep this mod neat and clean and small. No incompatibilities and patches needed then. If you further want to expand on your mod, you can think of adding more variety to the radiant quests. For example as a vampire you have to enter a dungeon and prevent that a dawnguard troop gets a certain powerful dawnguard artifact for it's battle against the vampires. This would need to enable the specific dawnguard weapons for vampire players and vice versa. Other than that... it's your mod, do as you please ;-)

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As you say torminater, keeping it simple does mean that it minimises the chances of incompatibilities with anything else. I do think that's a very nice idea though, possibly appropriate for a seperate Mod depending on the scope of the work, but thanks :D You can be sure that if I get round to it (I've got a pretty big project on the go at the moment), I'll give you the credit for the idea ;)

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