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Campsites in Skyrim


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Like a number of STEP forum users, I've been using the updated Frostfall in my game. I find that the Campsites in Skyrim mod is a good complement to the various climate and cooking realism mods, the new Real Shelter mod, and the portable tents/campfires included in Frostfall and some other mods. Campsites in Skyrim adds 30 permanent campsites to Skyrim. These campsites have a full set of navmeshes so they are highly companion-friendly. There are two versions, one with all the map markers visible, and the other one that I use with hidden map markers (shown only after discovery). The mod also has optional NPCs that move around among the various campsites.


If you use this mod you will still be using portable tents and campfires most of the time when you travel on foot and horseback. The campsites are generally not directly on main roads and are spread across Skyrim; they are a little more common in the colder northern regions than in the south. 

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