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Roasted Meat


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Roasted Meat at Skyrim Nexus


Neat little mod that lets you cook basic meals out of various meat as long as you are close to a fire (doesn't have to be a campfire). Compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases and Realistic Wildlife Loot.


I've been using it since I reinstalled Skyrim and it works perfectly (as long as you load it after RND- otherwise it'll CTD once you get to the cooking menu). My only complaint is that it doesn't work with Frostfall campfires, so I use the RND campfire instead (which is compatible with Frostfall's other survival items anyway such as the cooking pot and tents).


It really has become essential for me. Author has a few plans for further development, but his last reply was on the 29th of January. Hopefully he continues, though. Either way, this gem has too few endorsements in my opinion.

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