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mod organizer failed to load "plugin_python.dll" and unable to save data for multiple files


as background info, A few months ago I got into modding for fallout new vegas and while doing so i searched up several guides on the topic. One of those guides was viva new vegas which I was able to follow along easily.  After a week or two of playing nv with the mods from the guid and installing several others with it, I got a notification from windows saying "mod organizer failed to load the plugin 'plugin_python.dll' last time it was started". I ignored it and carried on as usual until eventually when I tried to open mo2 I got back to back notifications from google about a delayed write failed that happened multiple times for several files. It said that windows was unable to save all the data for the files \MO2\logs\usvfs-2022-02-11_06-15-18.log,  \MO2\plugins\data\OMODFramework.log, and \MO2\ModOrganizer.ini all lost data.After that I recieved the same message about plugin_python.dll failing to load from the last time it was started which i decided to skip. when i skipped though mo2 refused to load saying it was already running even though it wasn't appearing on screen. Not knowing what was going on, I went to the viva new vegas discord server for help and they just told me to uninstall mo2 and reinstall it. I did but the same thing happened so then they told me to head to the mo2 offical server, but they havent responded yet. So Im now here to figure out what exactly is going on hoping that u guys can help. just know that I still don't know much about modding in general so u might need to explain a lot of things in simple terms

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