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Underwater Swimming SFX Fix


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Ever wondered why the sound below the water surface produces that nasty splash effect? Yeah, me too... Thankfully, we're playing Skyrim, where anything can be fixed (almost).


Really simple soundfile replacement, making the swimming a tad more enjoyable (in the Falkreach area only, really). Can't fight the coldness of the north with this. 

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Personally, I don't know if I'd call this a "fix". Although I agree it shouldn't sound like that while underwater, without it it sounds too quiet. Almost to the point that I find it less realistic (albeit barely). I think the only way to really "fix" the problem would be to have a different sound trigger when underwater.


Obviously this is just my two cents, take it for what it's worth. I can be pretty strict on which mods I install at times.

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I guess he just "occluded" the high pitches from the original sounds.

It's seems the same as vanilla, but without the high band, like it should sound underwater. Uhn, airless!


As per author:


"Removes high pitched splashes when swimming underwater.

Just a small bug fix really, when u swim underwater it still makes splashing noises as if ur out of water, i.e. not muffled and dull. which is really weird.

so i made them quieter and bassier (sounded real in editing) though im not sure you can hear them at all now for whatever reason."


Sounds pretty cool!

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