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PSArcTool (by periander)

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    • By TechAngel85
      Development Document
      The intent of the Index is to be one-part manual links and one-part auto-listed content. Anything listed above "All content" under any heading is manually listed to categorize the content under the heading by subject matter (this was asked for and desired by the NMS team). The auto-listed content is anything under "All content" is all the content that applies to the specific heading. So we're organizing the content two ways:
      by heading (all content) by subject under each heading (manually listed) To accomplish this in the current format, a category was created to house all other categories specific to the use of the Index: NoMansSky Index
      The subcats under it are specifically used for the Index and nothing else. I've been thinking of setting them all to hidden since they're strictly for internal use. Each of the subcats are named with the scheme: NMS-Index-Heading
      NMS || indicate the cat is for NMS Index || indicate the cat is solely used for the Index page Heading || matches the heading on the Index page; each heading has its own Cat (currently 37 and will likely expand) For example, if I created a new page about the player, I would add "NMS-Index-Player" to the page to have it auto-listed under "All content" for the Player heading. If I didn't want the content to show up under both a manually listed link and under "All content" then I simply don't include the subcat on the page. Since that page would be manually listed, it won't matter that it's not categized for the Index. They realize this method requires some manual work, but it's far better than what they had.
      The goal is to simply have users add relevant sucats to their pages. Any manual work can be completed later since the page will at least be listed under the proper heading. I have instructions for them in their Wiki Reference about adding Cats and in their Category Reference to explain the Cats, themselves. That is how the Index is currently fashioned.
      Overlapping Cats
      There is potential for overlap in Cats between NoMansSky GameFile, NoMansSky Index, and NoMansSky Reference top-level Cats.
      NoMansSky  GameFile || top-level that holds subcats for specifically identifying a page relating to a game file. NoMansSky  Index || already covered above... NoMansSky Reference || used as "general" Cats for content that doesn't fit anywhere else; say a Index heading didn't exist and it was a Tutorial so it could be put in NMS-Reference-General. Ideally this completely overlaps with NoMansSky Index and we can get rid of it. Within each of these Cats the names of the subcats have a potent to be the same: "Global", for example.
    • By TechAngel85
      Discussion topic:
      Windrex by WinderTP
      Wiki Link
    • By TechAngel85
      Discussion topic:
      Step NoMansSky Resource Files by Step Curators
      Wiki Link
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