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2.6 gb patch

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2013-02-15 Steam is downloading a 2.6 gb file for skyrim.


Anyone noticed that? and/or know what is this update.


I have all dlc and I know it downloaded the Hd dlc for dragonborn some days ago so it's probably not this again.




Ps: I found what was downloaded... My game is now in french... The steam update changed to game setting.

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From my update log:

February 15, 2013 - Steam Client Update Released
- Fixed texture corruption when using the Game Overlay in OpenGL games
- Fixed failing to do HTTP downloads from hosts that started with a numeral
- Linux - Added X window manager name to system info dialog
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If you've done any repacking of your BSA files (like applying fixes to the HD texture pack) Steam will sometimes try to replace those. Just put the originals (from backup) back, let Steam do its thing, and then replace the originals with the backup of your optimized BSAs again.

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