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Updating a mod via wrye bash

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Dear folks,


I have a question regarding the best way to update mods, when I do have a running and heavily modded Skyrim already. 

In my case its about the unofficial high-res patch by Arthmoor: he made an essential update to it yesterday, which I do need, as I have his patch installed.

Will it be best to just uninstall the old version and install the new one afterwards, or would it make more sense to overwrite The old files directly in the zip archive?


do i have to use The annual functionality? 

as his patch is one of the first mods in my load order, will the parts that should be overwitten by other mods automatically be overwritten again after reinstalling?


thank you

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You can do it either way. When moving to the Bash Installers, you will either get a confirmation to overwrite, or you won't. If the file name is unchanged (for me, it usually is not, since I add the version ID to the file name), then you will overwrite. The result will be that the background color for the mod turns orange, and the box may also change to red. Just right click on the mod and select "Anneal" to fix.


If the file name has changed, there will be no prompt to overwrite, and when you go back to WB Installers tab, it will refresh, and you will see the new version at the bottom of the install order list (I always sort by [Order]). In this case, I recommend that you always move the new version to the Order slot just before the old version ... then INSTALL THE NEW VERSION BEFORE UNINSTALLING THE OLD. THEN, uninstall the old. In this case, Anneal will not be required.


Why place the new above the old and install first? Because whenever a mod is uninstalled, WB looks for source from other mods that were overridden by that of the current mod being uninstalled. If any of the overridden source is from a particularly large package, then it will take awhile to unpack the source files from that beast ... only to be again overwritten by the new version. If you first install the new above and beforehand, then the source will be pulled from the new version once the old is uninstalled.


You just saved yourself a big wait if you use either method above.


WB keeps track of all CRCs and the entire source file assemblage (and the override info) of all mods in the Installers, so moving things around can always be easily repaired using Anneal or Anneal All.

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