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Skyrim Classic - Failed Vortex Modpack Creation - Help Needed

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So I originally posted the issues I'm having on here: https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex/issues/6746#issuecomment-650975164 though I felt the guy was being a bit...I guess he thought I was a simpleton or something, but the responses didn't help me at all. I haven't run anything in administration, because that's a risky step and I'd rather thoroughly understand and fix the actual problem rather then mask it over. 


1. I tried following the gentleman's instruction by adding FNIS as a Tool with the "Add Tool" option found on the Vortex Dashboard; Vortex is still reading FNIS as uninstalled and fails to run tool on deployment altogether.


2. The gentleman didn't specify where I could start on a Windows 10 computer on how to find what's blocking the Vortex Mod Manager files, if that's the case; so I need something to go off of here, telling me it's not Vortex's fault doesn't help me. Like a student trying to understand, I need someone to just simplify an explanation for me, guiding me to understand where my fault was so I not only fix the error but don't replicate it again in the future. If I can be pointed in the right direction on file locations or option in my computer, that'd be very appreciative and I won't be so inclined to ask fifty-million questions of exhaustive effort and the link posted on that forum does content pictures I took containing my computer information and the issues experienced.


3. If it was a virus gained from downloading mods, which I usually download ones saying they're safe typically, how do I protect my Vortex/computer in the future? Are there signs to detect if a mod was shady? I do run actively on my computer Malwarebytes Premium and it didn't detect anything, so why my computer would "lock out"/"block" the Vortex from permissions is heavily confusing me.


4. Is there preferences I should edit in my computer somewhere to negate Windows 10 from blocking program permissions? I know this is common sense to some people, but I'm pretty technologically illiterate so please don't be too harsh or exasperated with me :)


5. Does anyone know how to get rid of that blasted blank file stuck in my Downloads folder ;(


Thank you everyone who responds, I deeply appreciate the feedback!



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I believe the root cause of most of your issue is because you installed Skyrim in C:\Program Files (x86). This folder and C:\Program Files are protected so regular users cannot create or modify files in this folder. It's rather unfortunate that Steam defaults the install path to C:\Program Files (x86), but you can find instructions on Steam explaining how to move games to another folder so I would follow these instructions to move Skyrim to a folder that is not protected (say something like C:\SteamApps).

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I've uninstalled everything including steam, and am going to attempt installing everything onto my Desktop to prevent anymore of this "blocking" triggers from Windows 10.


1. I made a new folder on my Desktop, called it Steam, and installed Steam into it.


2. I made a new folder acting as a sub-folder in the Steam Folder, called it Vortex, and placed it in the Steam Folder.


3. Installed Skyrim Script Extender and then Skyrim (Steam), checking both as they're installed to make sure they're not being put in C:\Program Files (x86).


4. I noticed the Desktop icons for SKES and Skyrim were blank, though checking all the folders on Desktop, everything re-installed fine.


5. Downloaded and installed the latest version of Vortex into the Vortex sub-folder located inside the Steam Folder on Desktop.


6. Noticed while doing all of this, the finished installed Skyrim seemed to be stuck in a Validating step for 15-20 minutes, with the Desktop icons for SKES and Skyrim still being blank (like as if incomplete), so going to restart laptop after this to see what happens.

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Restarted, and everything looks fine now; everything installed perfectly, and the icons are normal now on the Desktop. Hopefully when I go to create a modpack now on Vortex, I won't run into this bizarre issue again, but thank you so much for the feedback!

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