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S.T.E.P Guide - When to enable mods & Manual Cleaning

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Dear STEP-Team,

Currently, I am trying to set up S.T.E.P., but I have some questions:
  1. Sometimes there is an extra step, stating that a mod should be enabled in MO2 (ex.: Step 2 - MO2 Config - Tool Setup 3.). However, for most of the mods, that step is not mentioned (ex. Step 4 - Extenders - SKSE64). Does this mean that I always have to enable mods unless stated otherwise?
  2. The Dawnguard manual cleaning procedure: What does "Dawnguard.esm header" mean (7. and 9.) - the "Record Header"-panel or the "[02] Dawnguard.esm"-panel (which deletes the whole Dawnguard CWGuard Template)?
Thank you very much 1f60a.png I Iove your project, keep it up!

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Oh and by the way, could you maybe add xEdit to the tool setup table? I totally missed adding the SSEEditQuickAutoClean.exe, because I thought that I already added xEdit in the instructions above. I only realized that there should be two seperate executables for xEdit , when I saw the timestamps of the esm files in the data folder.

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This is a special step for SSE Terrain - Tamriel because the guide instructs you to create an empty mod and copy the downloaded ESM into this folder. This special step is required because Mod Organizer does not automatically activate empty mods. All mods that are installed by clicking Install Mod or double clicking in the download folder are automatically activated.


Hopefully this screenshot comes through and clarifies where to click in SSEEdit.



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Ok, so maybe it's a dumb question, but: Does that mean, I should always activate mods that are not automatically activated (like SKSE64)?


Thank you very much! Your screenshot helped indeed.

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