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  1. I'm currently doing my first real playthrough with the finished STEP-3.0b-Modlist and so far I encountered two bugs - I'm not sure this is the right place to post it, but it's hard to identify if it is connected with the STEP guide. A minor one: On my way up the 7000 stairs, about 1/3 of the stone-cairns (those stone-constructs with the flags) have stiff flags attached to them. The quest "The Way of the Voice" got stuck for me because Wulfgar refused to demonstrate Wuld - maybe because the gate didn't close automatically? I didn't find any hint at that bug on other websites, so I don't know what to do. I am hesitant to just skip the quest via console, because I could imagine that I have to come back to High Hrothgar and those Greybeards may still be standing in the yard...
  2. I think that should be sufficient: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Tungdil2 I also added 2 new mod translations: Go On Ahead - Deutsch Lore-Based Loading Screens - Deutsch Edit: Can you tell me how I can get rid of that red "out of date" banner at the top?
  3. Something is weird with kryptopyr's patches. I'm certain that when I installed that section 2 months ago, the "Detailed Instructions" told me to install the TCIY-CRF, ICH-WACCF, Metallury-CCOR and USSR-CACO patches. There is nothing about it in the post-release changes, but now the "Detailed Instructions" says to just use the fomod installer. However, afterwards there is no Metallury-CCOR esp anymore and the imp_helm_legend_WACCF_Patch.esp is replaced with the ImprovedClosefacedHelmets_WACCF.esp. Don't we need the metallury patch and does the new esp cause any problems or may I simply continue my current playthrough (actually I had the same question in mind when I updated to the new Immersive Spectral Assassin a few days ago)?
  4. It would actually really help, if I could just copy your modlist and add the links for the already existing german translations to it. On your Guide page, you have the "Page Tools -> View Source" panel, but the modlist in the source seems to be empty. Another option would be to expand the original modpage or the "Detailed instructions available"-pages, but I guess you wouldn't want to add responsibilities for an additional list of mods to be up to date. For the time being, all the mods I've translated so far: STEP SE CR Patch STEP SE - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project SE - Deutsch Skyrim SE Improved Puddles-Deutsch Disease Descriptions for the Immersive Adventurer SE-Deutsch I've already translated a few more, but the original authors didn't yet reply on my permission request....
  5. That would be nice. I logged in, but I didn't find any other guide translations. If there really are guide translations for other languages, I think it should be easy to find for everyone on the front page. Could you provide some links or am I missing something obvious?
  6. Oh god no, it's just the CR-Patches at the moment. I am working on some other translations for mods in the guide, but I still need the ok from the authors. On the other side, I have (mostly) finished setting up STEP in german, so I could provide a modlist for people that are interested. Some things still seem to be in english, but it is very sporadically.
  7. Okay, I finally found the time to Upload the thing. I have several other mods of the STEP list in the works, so I will come back to this thread after I published them as well. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39574/ As it is my first mod on the nexus, please tell me if I've done something horribly wrong or if I forgot something. Please note, that I stated on my mod page that the original mods aren't needed as they only contain one esp-file. If that isn't true, please contact me and I will correct it.
  8. I recently finished setting up STEP. I tried to do it all with german mod translations and for the time being, I am pretty happy with the result. Mainly the MCMs and some menus still seem to be in english. Now for some mods, there didn't seem to be a german translation, so I figured, I would just provide it myself. One of these mods is the STEP CR Patch. Is it okay, if I upload it on the nexus (naturally I will credit and link the original)? Maybe, if I played a little more and if I am content with the result, we could also create a userspace (or what do you call it?) on the wiki, so I could share the rest of my translations and the links for the already existing german translations. The main problem I see is, that I can't be a 100% sure to always stay up to date with your updates, but I would try to. Sorry for my bad english, unfortunately I got a job with no need to speak english anymore. Best regards
  9. Okay, so I finally found the reason for my problem. LOOT sorts XPMSE.esp between RaceMenu.esp and RaceMenuPlugin.esp and that somehow results in the weird shifting I described. So for me the Load order has to be the following: XPMSE.esp RaceMenu.esp RaceMenuPlugin.esp Putting it behind the RaceMenu esps also creates the bug.
  10. Dear STEP-Team, I recently (june) finished setting up Skyrim with the current STEP guide in german and I am pretty happy with the result. However, when I wanted to create my first character, I noticed that some sliders didn't seem to work while the next slider had the functionality of the preceeding one and so on. It was especially easy to recognize in the "all sliders" panel. Now Race Menu sadly has no german version but I really don't know if other mods could influence something like that. The Modlist shows no evidence of something overwriting Race Menu. Do you have any further idea? My Interface modlist looks like that (from modlist.txt, so inverse): +Yes Im Sure +Whose Quest Is It Anyway +Viewable Faction Ranks +Smaller Vanilla Cursors +RaceMenu +moreHUD SE German +moreHUD SE +moreHUD Inventory Edition +Lore-Based Loading Screens +Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition - German +Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition +Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim -- FONTS +Better MessageBox Controls +Better Dialogue Controls +Better Container Controls for SkyUI -Interface_separator PS: I tried the mod as a standalone in a copied Skyrim MO2 profile and it seems to work.
  11. Thanks for your immediate help, but I am still a little bit confused on how to get an ENB preset to work. Could it be that https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB is a little out of date? It states "Extract d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the 'WrapperVersion'", but in the current v0.427 none of these exist (only a d3d11.dll) The readme_en.txt from the wrapper file says "Extract files from WrapperVersion to your game folder, where game execution file exist.". Some Youtube Videos tell me to just move only the dll-files into my game directory. The Lucid ENB, which I wanted to try only says "Extract the files into your Skyrim Special Edition directory where "SkyrimSE.exe" is located." - but it contains an enblocal.ini which your guide explicitly warns me about. I guess for removing an ENB preset, I guess it's best to just create a backup of my skyrim main folder before moving all these preset files inside?
  12. A few days ago, BethINI was updated to V3.5. What's your recommendation for Screen Space Reflections and Resolution Divider? Something I found quite odd in your STEP Guide was the "(optional) ENBSeries" part. Most of the guide is precise and that is a good thing. Please don't use phrases like "The Guide doesn't include an ENB preset for reason that should be obvious". Many of us aren't experts in modding and just want the best first time experience for Skyrim and STEP surely provides that. As for myself, your sentence could have meant 2 things: ENB presets aren't close to vanilla anymore or ENB is too demanding on the hardware. Reading your "Guide:ENB" however left me with the impression that ENBoost could even optimise hardware usage. And wouldn't it be in line with the STEP Mandate to use ENB/ENBoost with the least demanding and closest to vanilla settings? One last question regarding compatibility: As I understand it ENBoost is installed in the game directory and not separated from it like STEP. Does it alter settings that BethINI already altered and do I have to keep an eye on which I run/set up last?
  13. The STEP-Guide says "Once installed open and ensure the following settings in EngineFixes.ini are configured:", but I didn't find that ini-file in the mod ... Thanks
  14. Thank you very much! In the meantime I used Google to resolve my "What does that mean?". "That" really wasn't specific enough to guess that I meant the normal and diffuse maps. So for everyone else stumbling upon this topic: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showtopic=3913067
  15. And an unrelated Question: Often STEP recommends a 2K resolution, but the mods are available as Main: 4k compressed diffuse maps and 2k compressed normal maps or Optional: 2k compressed diffuse and 1k compressed normal maps What does that mean and what should I pick in that situation?
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