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This is more of a curious question that has bugged me for some time, but I never really bothered looking into until today.. but what was the reasoning as to why the STEP guide does not utilize the ENBseries?

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They are too subjective to the user's preference. The decision to not include one is that simple. ENBs can drastically change the look of your game so we've left it up to the user to decide to install one or not.

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Also note that the guide for Skyrim Legendary Edition used ENBSeries primarily for its memory management functionality with 32-bit DirectX 9 games.


Skyrim Special Edition is 64-bit on DirectX 11 so ENBSeries is required only if you are using an ENB preset.

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I have stoped using ENBseries and Presets all and all.




Performance? No, i am running an RTX20280 so it is not out of performance reason.


It is the very fact that what ever ENB i install (i have tested soooo many!) it always makes some part of my game look wrong. Sometimes it is the interiors and sometimes it is during a specific weather or during a specifik time of day. (I am way to lazy to tweak my own ENB)


So as said above... to much of an individual choise. STEP should be the "neutral vanilla" baseline i think.


(Also some people prefer Reshade to ENB).


But who knows. Maby we will se ENB Presets for STEP Guide when the guide takes of. Then i might try it out.

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