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  1. I was going through the optional modifications in BethINI as suggested via screenshots, and I noticed a few of the screenshots are lacking the new additions that come with BethINI as of currently (and also a few options were forced off and altered from how it looks on the guide screenshots). 1. The 'Basic' screenshot on the guide has '64-Bit Render Targets' missing. By default, it is unticked and I have left it as such. I would like to know if this should remain unticked. Guide - Current BethINI - 2. The 'Detail' screenshot on the guide has 'Screen Space Reflections' missing. By default, it is ticked with a 'Reflection Divider' of 2 as shown in the screen shot. I would like to know if this is okay to leave by default as well, or if it should be unticked/altered. Guide - Current BethINI - 3. In he 'Visuals' screenshot on the guide, in the 'Snow' section on the bottom, the 'Intensity' dropdown and box are both greyed out and cannot be changed, but the guide screenshot has it set to 0.30 each, while my own below shows 1.00 in the dropdown, but 0.30 in the box. Also to note, the guide has 'Snow Mask' greyed out and ticked, while my own BethINI has it greyed out and unticked. If it is greyed out, I assume that it is just not going to be used in the game, and since it cannot be changed, it is nothing that should be worrying. Guide - Current BethINI -
  2. Following the guide, I have noticed that there is a new option in Terrain LOD that is not shown in the images for the settings. Vertex Color is an option between 'Bake normal-maps' and 'Default Size: Diffuse'. By default, it is set to 1.00.. should I leave this option as is or change it to something else? Guide: Current LODGen:
  3. Will keeping it in my load order cause any detriment to the game?
  4. No dice. I deleted the esp and replaced it with the Improved ClosefacedHelmets_WACCF from the Misc files and I am still getting the same message. UPDATE: Please disregard. I foolishly downloaded from the 'Old Files' section. 🤦‍♂️
  5. I see... I guess I will look towards doing that in the morning. Thank you.
  6. Is this something that I can ignore or should I make an attempt to resolve it?
  7. I was going through LOOT and doing some cleaning, and I came across a peculiar message involving 'FacegenForKids.esp', which is part of the Simple Children mod. I have an image below of this odd warning and wanted to ask if this is something I should go through editing in USSEP or is this something to just ignore?
  8. LOOT is reporting to 'Delete' GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp as it is already fixed in USSEP, and I found out a bit more about this particular ESP with a bit of Google searching. But my general question for this would be, would it hurt anything for me to just delete the ESP from Gemling Queen Jewelry SE or should I just leave it there? Or maybe throw it into optional ESPs?
  9. Viewable Faction Ranks has two main files; regular and ESL. Which would be the suggested main file?
  10. I noticed that the mod 'The Choice is Yours' has a patch associated with it that is tied to the 'Book Covers Skyrim' mod we downloaded early, but the guide makes no comment about downloading this mod or that it is included in one of STEP patches. Is this patch in one of the STEP patches or is it something I must download individually?
  11. Unfortunately, clearing the cache does not seem to work for me. I am using Opera GX, and I have tried Google Chrome with the same results.
  12. And the likewise ESL-version of the CACO patch for Butterflies Unchained?
  13. The mod page for 'Butterflies Unchained.esp' and 'Butterflies Unchained - CACO Patch.esp' states that the mod is for Skyrim Legendary Edition. Installing the mod via Mod Organizer 2 gives off a 'Form 43' error signifying that it is not compatible with SE. Update: I just noticed that the entry got fixed and updated with the SE version of Butterflies Unchained, but the instructions state to download the main file, with two main files being available (Non-ESL and ESL version, though my history shows that I downloaded the ESL version when I worked with the former guide). Which one is to be downloaded with the current guide?
  14. In both the installation directions for SKSE64 and SSE Engine Fixes, it states 'copy and paste the code in the box below' and 'Once installed open and ensure the following settings in EngineFixes.toml are configured:' followed by just "`UNIQ--pre-0000167A-QINU`"' and another similar message. At first, I figured it was something new with SKSE and went with it, but now I am starting to suspect that it is an error of some sort. Could there be some clarification as to what exactly this is?
  15. There are two main files that 'Remove Small Rocks' offers, but the mod entry on the STEP guide offers no advice on which to pick. The first main file is the normal mod, while the one below that states to use it if you have DYNDOLOD installed.. would the second one be the one I should use?
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