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INI Tweak Guide - BethINI instructions



the instructions under the BethINI section state:


"When the new INI files have been created the Fallout Launcher will run to complete the generation of the INI files. Make any changes needed, including ensuring that the screen resolution shown in the Launcher corresponds to the resolution used for monitor being used for the game.
Exit the Fallout Launcher, which builds expanded versions of the INI files."


the problem i have is that the Fallout Launcher does not automatically run when i save and close the BethINI program. should i run it myself then? if so, i assume that i should run it from the Fallout 3 goty folder and not Steam or Mod Organizer, right?

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This doesn't seem quite right to me. You should run the launcher if you haven't already so that it creates the default INI files for the game with the correct resolution set for your display. After you've done this, run BethINI, select the appropriate game and folder for your INI files (and this can be a Mod Organizer profile), select the appropriate settings, and you're done.

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i ran the launcher the other day and selected Ultra. it only created the prefs ini for me in the My Games folder, so then i ran the launcher AND clicked "Play", but exited the game. Only then did the other ini file show up in the My Games folder.

today i ran BethINI. i just now checked and can see that it did create ini files within the profile folder of Mod Organizer. and the screen resolution is correct. so i guess i'm good then.


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