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I have a question regarding SSE - SSE has the same problems with fastsave and autosave then oldrim right? For example: in combat save, active script = possible corrupt save.
Or is there any good autosave manager that can only save out of combat, after loading, multiple autosaves & etc. Only thing i found is "Simple Auto Save Manager" but this has no more skse, is abandoned and missing the options i named.
From what i know there is no difference between hardsave & autosave, so its just the script thing right?
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Reading the reddit that Delta posted, I note a few things:


1) There is no difference in types of saves. Which means that the supposed problem with in-combat while running scripts and saving is not a thing - the poster was very specific in that Papyrus ceases running scripts while conducting a save. The issue is the sheer number of scripts being run actively, not when or where the save is being made, apparently. NOTE: I have never experienced any save corruption in Oldrim, and I run heavily modded setups with many active scripts. Purely anecdotal, but it does appear to backup that poster's statements.


2) Even were that the case, SSE apparently handles save slightly differently (I imagine it's related to the fact that saves are now separated by character, and not one big list anymore... thank heavens...). That being the case, it is possible that, even if my first point is based on incorrect information, the problem no longer exists... but as SSE is essentially a slightly upgraded port of LE, I doubt much has changed in that part of the engine.


3) All of that said... as much as I'd like a Autosave Manager, the simplest solution is to simply save it yourself whenever the thought crosses your mind. Autosave is great... but don't rely on it.


@deltaminds - I'm not sure why you think there isn't much in the way of activity here, but I think you need to reevaluate. Just because answers don't pop up within minutes or even hours doesn't mean there's no activity - it means nobody had an answer or comment to make. Several threads here are extremely active, with many posts happening within any given time frame. Don't denigrate the moderators and maintainers of the site to others based on information that can easily be seen to be incorrect just by looking at the most recent posting stats. Purely my own opinion on the subject, but seriously guy...

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Hey Shadriss, I was writing two answers and had the window of the other subforum was on the other tab, I was in a hurry and accidentally wrote that for skyrim. Apologies for the confusion. I don't expect anyone to reply within a minute or so or x amount of time, I wasn't trying to convey that in what I wrote. Sorry. 

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