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  1. Right now i made some changes to get a more soulslike combat, especially dodge roll and instant block (animation-cancel). Tested The Ultimate Dodge Mod, TK Dodge SE, Ultimate Combat SE & Key Bindable Dual Wield Blocking and Parrying with Combat behavior improved. All Mods conflict with with Archery Gameplay Overhaul - TK Dodge gets stuck in 1st Person on everthing than rolling forward, even after running Nemesis. So far Ultimated Dodge (its from the Nemesis author) & Dual Wield Block/Parry with Combat behavior improved are working - at least after running Nemesis with Combat behavior improved & Ultimate Dodge Mod. Is this something u want for the guide in the future? And one more thing, in Oldrim I had Dual Sheath Redux - for SE i found All Geared Up Derivative SE - AllGUD & Ecotone Dual Sheath, never used them, any recommendations?
  2. I played a little now with the setup, but im not sure i like the combat mods that much - its great cause its something different then usual, but the EnaiSiaion u used in your old pacts are different in many ways (Ordinator, Smilodon etc). I pushed my Skill Uncapper to 500% XP so i can test faster, maybe i like it more if i have more perks. A "Combat,Magic & Perk" Setup with EnaiSiaion OR SimonMagus616 would be great, but it's just to much work to balance the whole modlist for both. Btw ty for the work, had to rebuild my sykrim modlist and this guide is very much what i wanted.
  3. It's working, had no problems on my last playthrough - but u only see the warmth-value of items if the survival mode is enabled.
  4. SkyUI - Survival Mode Integration I use it for "Survival Mode", also works for "The Frozen North", not needed but still nice to have. And while im at it, what is recommended for Survival? "The Frozen North" or "Survival Mode"? For me they sound pretty similar, are there any advantages on "The Frozen North" other then its free?
  5. Well that are only overwrites, u have to find out for yourself whats needs to go up or down in the modlist. But if Mods are conflicting u have to downloads patches for that, or build a Conflict-Resolution with xEdit or MatorSmash. U have a lot of Mods, and this is probably why u are crashing.
  6. It can cause a lot of problems, you should sort these mods depending on overwrites. And there are several other Problems not only because of wrong overwrites, u have no bashed patch & no conflict-resolutions. The only thing i can really recommend u right now is to start from scratch, maybe even use a guide. Right now we have 2 really good SSE guides here on the forums: Tech's Skyrim Special Edition Guide v2 Lexy's Legacy of The Dragonborn Special Edition Techs guide is more basic, STEP-like - Lexy's Guide is a little bit of everything.
  7. Hard to tell what exactly is crashing you, did u convert all the meshes and esp's for SSE? One thing i noticed - is your modlist sorted alphabetically? In your video its sorted by priority, but it looks like u sorted them alphabetically by hand - doesnt matter if u know what your are doing, if the right mods are sorted the right way.
  8. Well the good thing with "Loot and Degradation" is, even if people don't like the degradation (like me on Hardcore runs) it has a MCM and people can choose to disable it. I also hope for a updated Tech-Guide or STEP SSE, but i think Tech should get some rest after STEP 3.0 first ;) And for now i used Tech's Guide and your Pack with some minor changes for ~140h - so its fine for now.
  9. I rly like your pack, working great. One thing that would we be a good addition for "High-level Loot Rarified" and "Scarcity SE - Less Loot Mod" is something like "Upgraded Weapons and Armors for Enemies". "Loot and Degradation" can also drop tempered Items, but i don't like the degration factor in such a hard environment. Its nothing big, but since Items are pretty rare this can make a difference.
  10. Hi, I have a question regarding SSE - SSE has the same problems with fastsave and autosave then oldrim right? For example: in combat save, active script = possible corrupt save. Or is there any good autosave manager that can only save out of combat, after loading, multiple autosaves & etc. Only thing i found is "Simple Auto Save Manager" but this has no more skse, is abandoned and missing the options i named.From what i know there is no difference between hardsave & autosave, so its just the script thing right?
  11. If u are aiming for SSE Sentroshi, i can recommend "Tech's SSE Guide v2" - its really stable except XPMSSE (4.2 is working great, 4.3+ is crashing because of the WeaponScale-Script). I have played ~80h now, no Sciptlags or Crashes.
  12. 83°c to 86°c is 2 much in my opinion, at least for every day usage. Save your BIOS-profile and reset to default and use only XMP (in case u have it). In case u want to overclock again: ASUS has an guided overclock for different cooling systems in their BIOS, most people i know who use it have no problems. Since u are from Thailand and have higher average temperature then for example Europeans are used to, i really suggest u don't overclock that much or u get much better case/casefans. People really underestimate how much bad airflow matters, even the best CPU cooler can't make that much of a difference if ur case cant get rid of the heat properly.
  13. The overheating can be the issue, and its definitely not healthy for your CPU. Since u have a 7700k u don't run it with the Intel cooler, thats good, but u should reapply the thermal-paste. U can watch Youtube videos or something to get an idea of what u have to do, the paste is not that expensive and will help your cpu to live longer. EDIT: Since u bought it from a shop, they did something wrong. They did not apply the thermal paste or did it wrong, even with the worst cooler it should not go 100°c.
  14. First u can test ur CPU, i use AIDA64 for that, the stability test shows u if u have throttling under load. For your GPU u can use MSI Afterburner while ingame, Skyrim with in ENB is a good game for that ;)
  15. 1st Idea: If u have many script-heavy mods, this could be the reason - 200 mods would be fine, depending on what mods u use. 2nd Idea: Thermal-Throttling, is it hotter then normal for u (for me it is ~27°c room temp) - this could explain this peaks 2.
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