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Doing TechAngel85/SSE Guide, am Stuck short before the end, please help me understanding a paragraph about fixing Bashed Patch in SSEEdit.



I am near the end of TechAngels guide and so far so good.

However i have NO idea what he means with this passage:

Again until now i have had no problem following the guide since this isn't my first modbuild. I know what he means with load up SSEEdit.

Fixing the Bashed Patch

Yes, we need to patch our new patch! Users shouldn't just trust automated patchers explicitly. There are a few forwards users will need to take care of manually:

Load the entire mod list (minus deactivated mods) in SSEEdit.

Make the following corrections:

0010710D - forward Update.esm keywords

00E7AEB - add Dawnguard.esm data flags

0002E4E4 - forward the USSEP object bounds

Close xEdit and save the Bashed Patch.

Move the Batched Patch, 0.esp from the Overwrite folder to its mod listing.



However i do not know:

How do i do these corrections?

Where do i input these numbers and textpassages?

How do i forward keywords and flag data or Object bounds?

I am so close to finishing this build any help/sharing of knowledge would be appreciated.

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This topic has possibly been solved thanks to Reddituser Agatho_:

get your load order into ssedit. you can apply filters or look for conflicts to make your life eaiser, just right click and select from there. your conflicting mods will turn red, orange (perhaps many, but it doesn't really matter). using the bashed patch, navigate to the items indicated in the guide. i presumme they willbe orange in this patch and red in the associated upadate, dawnguard and ussep files. you can drag and drop the elements from associated files (red, placed towards left from the bashed patch in the right pannel) into the receiving patch (bashed patch in your case). close and save (have the bashed patch ticked).

hope this helps, as i an not using that particular guide



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