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Please excuse my lack of Terminology. I am in the process of leaning the program.


1. Part A- Some mods are supposed to have conflicts. ex "mod A" names book than "mod B" Changes that name. Is there a way to hide the conflict if I choose to keep "mod B" changes so the don't show in TES5Edit every time I run it? 

    Part B - If there is a way to hide the conflicts, and I add a new mod that adds an entry to reopen this conflict I hid, will it show as a conflict again?


2. It there a way to forward the same entry from multiple FormIDs. ex Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch needs YNAM forwarded for about 20 different entries. Is there a way to forward these all at once so I don't need to click  "Copy as overwrite into" 

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You can select multiple FormIds by using Shift+Left Click or Ctrl+Left Click and then "Copy as override into..." to copy all selected records as overrides into patch plugin but you'll still have to go back to drag the YNAM entries for each FormId one at a time. I do not know the answer to this question, but I wonder if something like a Bashed Patch or a Smashed Patch could handle this automagically with support for the appropriate bash tags.

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