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  1. Did you follow the correct file paths when installing Stunning Statues of Skyrim? Check your spelling Did you extract all of your BSAs?
  2. I did my first merge, Animals merged. I have the Merge Plugins Hide set to mohidden but MO is not hiding the plugins I merged. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I am looking for some advice on choosing my new video card and would like some feedback. The two cards I am looking at are the Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 TI Waterforce 11GB ant the Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 TI Xtreme 11GB video cards A few questions I have about the Waterforce are How long will the cooling fluid last. This is an expensive card and will be using it for a few years to come. Will I be able to incorporate this card into my own water loop if I choose to install a water loop in my computer at a later date?I guess I am nervous getting the waterforce because this will be my first all in one video card with a water cooler. The only question I guess I have about the Xtreme would be, is there a water block available on the market for it in case I do water cool my computer in the future. I will be posting this on a few sites and am looking forward to any constructive opinions on the matter.
  4. Hi Lexy. Should "I run LOOT after installing your guide and before doing the merges, or should I do the merges before running LOOT
  5. I am double checking the versions of my mods because work and real life never let me get too far when installing your guide. There are a few mods such as Immersive College of Winterhold - Not so fast Mage Guild Patch where the nexus version says 1.0 but the only file version aval is 1.1. I is a lil confusing because I always have to double check the mod page to see if the version in your guide is actually on Nexus. I am hoping to finish installing the guide this time and will post such mods as I come across them.
  6. I have a question about building your guide. I have been working on learning to Conflict Resolve using Fallout 4 and am wondering how you test mods. I know good modding practices include not adding, removing or updating mods. Can you please do a little write up of what you thought process is when deciding to add a new mod. One other question I have is as much as I like extracting my mods in MO2, I know keeping them in BSA is better. Do you keep a build with your mods extracted so that you know whats overwriting what and do you test with that build. I am thinking the main mods I want to extract or landscape, weather, clutter and maybe lighting
  7. Will MO2 read BSA files without an esp. I thought MO2 could only read loose files without an esp. I was wondering because you do not have us extract the BSA located in Immersive College of Winterhold.
  8. Hi Lexi. I hate being a critic and am just t5rying to make the guide flow easier. I do not understand why we have to move Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches SE after Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE. Cant you just locate it in the guide and just leave it in its slot. About 3 times I have gone through you guide updating and I say to myself Razor you put this mod in the wrong location than I have to scroll all the way down the guide to say to myself Ohhh I do have it in the right place. I'm sure your goal is to keep certain mods in certain categories but sometimes its not worth it with the workload of the guide. Plus it is merged and just gets deactived also. Whyt not just move Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE install instuctions after Dragonborn Patches SE in the guide. I hope I am not overlooking something and I hope this does not sound like a complaint.
  9. Well I ran Skyrim Performance monitor and am using 4,009mb out of 4,096mb. Maybe that is the issue. That is also with my inis and monitor set at 1080p. I also checked Stunning Statues and It looks like I installed it correctly. I should try disabling it. I guess now I am just asking for recomondations on whether I should chose medium or low in skyrims launcher or if I need to use a lower resolution landscape mod. Any advice would be a good starting point.
  10. Saying this first, I have only installed the guide up to my Bash Patch because I am trying to troubleshoot my build. Every time I am able to start the game, start the cart ride, make it to the turn just before seeing the gates of Helgen, and every time the game crashes to desktop almost as Helgen is ready to come into view. A few of my questions are, 1. Do you have any idea where I should start my trouble shooting? 2. What program do you use to do you benchmark. I am just using a 980 with a resolution of 2450 x 1440 3. Should I disable my bash patch, re enable all the mods that bash unchecked, and start disabling mods until I find the culprit, If so where do you recommend starting?
  11. why do we not allow merge plugins to merge the folders of the associated mods when we do the Trees and Flora merge (why do we copy the esps to a separate folder?). Would allowing the folders merge do something negative?
  12. I am having issues with ctd when leaving the Alternate Start room. I have narrowed it down to the Smash Patch. When deactivated I load to the cart ride. Whe actived I ctd. I have remade the patch a few times and there are no missing masters in the plugins list of MO. Does anyone have any ideas??
  13. I had a brain fart I see that your Loot section on the finishing pages such as (NPC Retexture group). Maybe I have spent too many hours in front of my screen..
  14. I think I just realized the Loot groups are for alot of mods that are in merges. Do I even need to worry about these rules. I believe you do not suggest running LOOT before doing the merges so these esps will be inactive after the merges (of course with the exception of the Trees & Flora merge) I do not have a ton of time to do a write up but I basically installed the guide, activated all mods in order, moved all esp's that are merged to the bottom of my load order (in the order the merge page suggests), Than did my merges.
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