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Very Evil FO3 Runs in last year: Satisfactory?

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Titling this was kinda difficult.  SO: I'm thinking about making my first (re)run in Fallout 3 (using the guide and other tutorials) an evil run of the most vile variety (blowing up Megaton, burning Harold, tainting the GECK with the modified FEV, etc.) BUT my previous experiences have always left me with a certain fear of doing so.  There always seemed to have been more bugs for the Evil story-lines than there were for the good or neutral choices.  Has anyone here had a relatively bug / glitch free run as a Truly Despicable Lone Wanderer, where they used the Tenpenny Apartment for their Player home, completed most of the game (say, 75%) and otherwise chose to be an a**h0le at large? 

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