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Fallout 3 constant crashing during playthrough



So i decided to create a new clean profile to get a new experience in the fallout 3 game using a popular, old realism mod. however, for some reason it seems to crash more frequently than all of my other profiles. Like every 10-15 minutes regardless of location.


Mod load order:



*realism mod used is the arwen realism*


I am also using new vegas anti-crash that is compatible with fose for fallout 3. (weird but it works) Other mod not listed is new vegas stutter remover.



-pentium g4560

-rx 480 4gb

-16gb of ram

-windows 10 64 bit

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For some users of Win 10 Creator’s Update, Fallout Stutter Remover causes frequent crashes while others have no issues with it.

Is there any way to remove the update? Or do i have to remove stutter remover


Or in worst case scenarios, just deal with it?

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Few if any users on STEP are using the Arwen mods you chose, so most forum users won't be able to comment on your problems. Have you tried using the game without them, but including any fix mods like NVAC?

Oh yes, I have tried in another profile that had a simple realism mod and a bunch of other mods with it...Did not crash once during my one hour of play. Compare this to the constant crashing every 10 minutes I get or even 5, it is possible that the mod just doesn't like windows 10 :/

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