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Skyrim Perfectly Modded



Hi there, 

After modding SSE according to the BOSS guide, I had good times but the lack of mods makes me feel that Oldrim was slightly better ...and I have deceided to make another STEP extended + mods selection of mine to get ....the perfect skyrim !

But after some research, ..... I find this amazing website, wich give a very easy to install mod pack (between 500 and 1500 mods together up to the last version !!) all tweaked for maximum compatibily .....

It sounds really amazing.

The information page is here : [link removed]

install guide here  [link removed]


My question is : is there anyone who has already give a try to this ?


It looks like a dream : very easy and fast to do, the hours of work (a week at least) that I can save with this makes me believe that there should be a trick....it is to beautiful to be so good .....


If anyone has information about this, please just let me know your own experience and feedback about it !

Thank you

Links removed by moderator. See post below.

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I've just gone hunting on their website. Can't seem to find credits or permissions anywhere. I could be missing something, but it seems the modpack author doesn't have permission for alot of the mods.

He has a message on his forums - [link removed] - looks like he might have some permissions "apparently" but I doubt it for several others.


Checked a few - Immersive Armors, Frostfall and Campfire - All of these explicitly say in the permissions and credits bit on the nexus page, NO upload permission. There's most likely more.

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Per our Citizenship Guide, I have removed the links in the posts above. This post will service as a verbal warning.


Please refrain from posting links "leading to individual mods or mod compilations, which allow the sharing of mod assets outside of the author's original hosted medium, without the expressed consent of all authors works involved".


In this case, it's very clear the author of this mod compilation did not seek out permission from authors before providing the mod assets for download. This violates the rights of mod authors, which STEP has no tolerance for.

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