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Step mods uploaded to torrent

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was wondering if anyone could or would upload their mod versions to a torrent that has all the files already set up for people like me who struggle or been struggling to get the darn thing to work and have not had much luck cause of all the different situations on what to patch and junk but figured to ask at least.Just want to play even if the work of patching and stuff been done already as all i would want or need to do would take the mods and pop it into mod organizer and if it works then its a good thing and even if something does not work at least no harm done really and asking could not hurt either if anyone could be kind of enough to offer their working mod folder and upload it on a torrent or such as one way to help out struggling mod players such as myself as there is alot of us out there who tried it all and have not had much if any success trying to get the SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn to work at all and I know not everyone can use everything but i am at least willing to ask and try if anything.

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