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Temporary solution to STEP Wiki being down

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This is only a solution for the more static aspects of the Wiki such as the STEP Core guide but it is one that works.
Web Archive of STEP Wiki


I can finally get started on my new Mod List for my next playthrough (hopefully I stick to this one xD) thanks to my bizzare memory that was able to remember about web.archive.org and how they cache so many websites.


P.S. any links in the webpage are automatically recognised by Web Archive and are redirected to cached versions of those pages (which is pretty dope if you ask me).

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https://cachedview.com/ is more up to date, at least for the SRLE LOTD Reqtified Last Update: 3:04:08 12 September 2017 (GMT)


p.s.: if the white background is making your eyes bleed just save the page in a html with chrome by right clicking the background. Edit the html file and put in the following code anywhere in the file, at the bottom is fine



body {
background-color: #C9C8C5;
Edited by shdwknght

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