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  1. Hey DoubleYou. I love what you have done for the Bethesda community. I swear to BethINI with Skyrim because it has made performance tweaking a whole lot easier (it even allows customisation of things I didn't even know could be changed). That being said, I have a problem (and I am not talking about my Skyrim addiction xD). I have recently bought Fallout 4 and I have not even gotten around to starting the game yet because I end up getting like 20fps during the intro scene using the Graphics Presets available ingame. I decided to try out BethINI on FO4 but the changes seem to make the game crash when I get to the intro scene. I have checked my FO4 installation and validated the files but it all comes back to "When I optimise the INI files with BethINI, the game crashes at the intro scene". I kept denying the facts before me for about 3 hours because BethINI has saved my ass so many times with Skyrim that I couldn't believe it was the source of the issue... I am using the latest BethINI version (incase you need to know that).
  2. I am not sure what the best install order would be for the mods I installed alongside the STEP Core guide mods. I have attached the profile's modlist.txt and it includes comments indicating which mods sets are where. There is also a note about FNIS in there but I might as well include it here in a spoiler. [spoiler=FNIS Note]I have experienced animations from things like HDT Physics not playing when FNIS is at a larger install order index than said mods. modlist.txt
  3. This is only a solution for the more static aspects of the Wiki such as the STEP Core guide but it is one that works. Web Archive of STEP Wiki I can finally get started on my new Mod List for my next playthrough (hopefully I stick to this one xD) thanks to my bizzare memory that was able to remember about web.archive.org and how they cache so many websites. P.S. any links in the webpage are automatically recognised by Web Archive and are redirected to cached versions of those pages (which is pretty dope if you ask me).
  4. I want to play Oblivion because of all of the lore and history it contains (I haven't played through Oblivion properly yet) but the meshes for the races and just the graphics in general are offputting coming from Skyrim... I really want a set of mods for Oblivion that overhaul the meshes to be less offputting (and potentially a UI overhaul like SkyUI but for Oblivion because Oblivion's UI is atrocious) but there doesn't seem to be anything like that...
  5. JimmyBoi

    Is wiki down?

    This is the entire error shown by going to wiki.step-project.com There are some characters that aren't visible but were included in the Copy-Paste process... [spoiler= NVM, they won" t display here either]Error 503 Backend fetch failed Backend fetch failed Guru Meditation: XID: 1343511 Varnish cache server end fetch failed Backend fetch failed Guru Meditation: XID: 1343508 Varnish cache server QNppppHDDDDDDDDD]' QN@Пp7/fp$p(p Varnish cache DDDDDPpPpDDDDPXpQN$ Error 503 Backend fetch failed Backend fetch failed Guru Meditation: XID: 1343508 Varnish cache server Qerver I
  6. JimmyBoi

    Is wiki down?

    I just wanted to view the STEP guide... I am re-doing my Skyrim ModList and I always use STEP as a starting point but I can't now... EDIT: TechAngel65 Your footer is interesting... I dont remember KoroSensei saying that but it sounds like something he would say... you've confused me now...
  7. I have created a GitHub issue here explaining about it all but I thought I should bring your attention to it. A basic synopsis of the issue is that 'Fores New Idles in Skyrim' is causing a crash for any external program upon close. Loot, Wyre Bash, SSEedit etc. The GitHub issue also has the DMP files attached.
  8. Have you made the executables run as admin? I had a similar problem to this with vanilla Skyrim. Going into Properties->Compatibility->"Change settings for all users"->"Run As Administrator" for all the Skyrim .exe files is what I had to do. It's all because of stupid Windows UAC...
  9. Did you install the zipped folder? Also, can you provide a screenshot of your directories so I can see your folder structure?
  10. After following the Skyrim optimisation guide, I have realised the importance of keeping mods from a guide seperate from your personal mods. This is because... I am struggling to find my original mods. In the cluster of mods installed via the STEP process, somewhere, is my old mods. Considering I made a separate STEP profile that I could then copy to make new profiles based upon it, it would be ideal to be able to isolate the STEP mods. If there was the ability to have folders for mods specific to profiles, it would be much easier to organise my mods. Kinda like private and public interfaces in Object Oriented Programming.... OH MY GOD! I COULD BE ON TO SOMETHING HERE!! What if this was implemented and then the ability to inherit from profiles was used! The children profiles would be able to have their own mods and their parents mods isolated from eachother but both sets of mods would get loaded!! I am a genius! POLYMORPHISM FTW! (As you can tell, I like OOP) I don't have the expertise to work on this (as I can't even figure out how to build the source. There are no clear instructions and no list of dependencies or build tools) but PM me if there is anything unclear about what I have said.
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