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Adding unoffical patch plus esps to bashed patch?

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Title. Since we cant build a bashed patch with this mod active, these were the mod author's suggestions:


''It isn't a problem with the mod; Bash just doesn't know how to handle NVSE plugin-added condition functions so it throws an error. You'll have to find a workaround like:

1. Removing the perks in question to a separate file using FNVEdit, patching, and then re-adding them.

2. Patch without this mod and then manually add any conflicting records to your Bashed patch using FNVEdit.

3. Don't use Bash, and just use FNVEdit to make patches manually. I do this, because Bash for NV isn't even complete and its patches are far from perfect.''


I want to do the second one but can someone tell me how to do it? Or a link to a video that shows how to do it? How can i find the conflicting records and how can i add them to bashed patch?


Or is this whole thing is just unnecessary?

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