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Dual Sheath Redux & Java

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I have a question about the mod Dual Sheath Redux, which requires Java 32-bit.


I gotta say, in this day and age, the prospect of installing Java sends chills down my spine... Mostly because of the system-wide nature of the install. Is there perhaps some sort of portable version of Java? Is installing it system-wide the only way? And what of the future of the mod? I don't mean to belittle the work of the author, as it is clearly a brilliant piece of work, but it would be the sole reason I would have Java installed at all at this time.


If it turns out there is no way around it, I'll see what I decide, but would skipping the mod altogether pose a problem for my STEP Extended setup?



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If I do skip Dual Sheath Redux, I can still install Better Shaped Weapons without checking the Dual Sheath Redux option in the fomod?

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