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Clarification about the instructions for the SMIM installation while following the guide.

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Not sure if this is the right thread. I figure that while I don't need troubleshooting help, I do need support :D

I've reached the bridge section of the installer and I would like to choose the "bridges real roads (recommended)" option over STEPs instructions to choose the "bridges" option, since I intend to install the Real Roads mod later down the line. 


My question is meant to help me determine if its safe to deviate from the guide on this option. It is: What is the guides reason for choosing the normal bridges option. Is it for a serious reason like because the real roads option conflicts with other STEP mods? or because the Real Roads option is bugged in some way? Or is it for a reason that gives me more leeway, like to honor the STEP guides philosophy of sticking as close to vanilla as possible? or to stay away from resource intensive mods.


Thanks for your time.

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