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  1. Work has been heavy and I've had to drop this for a while so forgive me for following up on this so belatedly. Anyway, I've followed my to-do list up to and including the: "Transfer STEP Compilation patch’s master dependency..." part with no issues. However, despite reddvilzz's comment, simply disabling Vivid Weathers completely as the NLVA page suggests is a problem because the STEP patch now depends on it being active. NLVA on the other hand needs VW to be disabled to work. So what do I do? NLVA offers an alternative Alternatively, if you use DynDOLOD and VW (or any other weather mod) is a required master, just open up VW in Tes5Edit and delete the region record, effectively deactivating the mod. Let NLVA overwrite in load order. This allows you to leave the VW esp active so you don't have to reinstall DynDOLOD. Is this the way to do it? Or is there a better way? If not, my problem here is not knowing how to "delete the region record". Googling "region record xedit/tes5edit or delete region record xedit" brings up nothing helpful. Opening up tes5edit and looking around for anything labeled region record also gave me no insights. Help?
  2. Since I'm still building on top of the STEP extended mod list, there are a few extra steps and issues in this operation that don't apply to regular modders. That's why I'm coming here hoping for an ALL CLEAR from you guys. If there's any steps I'm getting wrong or forgetting please help me catch them before I go through with this. So far the to- do list is: Remove any ENB files except for ENBoost and the ENB binary Install the ELE- LITE STEP specific file and reapply the ELE version of the STEP compilation patch (Unsure if this is recommended or not) Remove optional NLA patch esp from Audio Overhaul Skyrim. (I feel like there's another optional patch for a STEP mod I'm forgetting that I added for NLA, but maybe not.) Install NLVA ENB files Install Vivid Weathers. No patches. Transfer STEP Compilation patch’s master dependency on Vivid Clouds and Fogs to Vivid Weathers using Wyre Bash. (as instructed on here by Kelmych) Uninstall Vivid Clouds and Fogs (Is this the right move?) Disable Vivid Weathers.esp in Xedit by deleting the region record. (Is this the right move?) (Also, I don't know what the region record is but ill figure it out if I have to.) Install NLVA files and optional components Make sure VW is only being overwritten by NLVA (is this accurate? It's mentioned in the ELE - LITE forum sticky that ELE should overwrite VW), that both enblocal and skyrimprefs inis are set up correctly, and that the Mindflux patches are installed. Run loot and the bashed patch and anything else I might have to.
  3. Its hard to even google for solutions since my understanding of modding is still a little vague and I don't know how to describe it properly, but what I've found so far involves reinstalling the mod so I can clean its masters (or was it something to do with dependencies? Something like that) in xedit. There's also instructions out there about disabling the bashed patch before running DynDOLOD, but I don't remember having to do that when I first installed and ran DynDOLOD as per STEP instructions, so I don't know if they apply to me or not. Can someone give me some easy to follow instructions to fix this? (Here's the last few lines from the script just in case someone wants them. [00:00:09.639] Background Loader: [DynDOLOD.esp] Adding master "RealisticWaterTwo.esp"[00:00:09.639] Background Loader: [DynDOLOD.esp] Adding master "ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp"[00:00:09.639] Background Loader: [ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp] Loading file[00:00:09.647] Background Loader: Fatal: <EOSError: System Error. Code: 2.The system cannot find the file specified>[00:00:43.877] Background Loader: finished) (Just in case more background info is needed.This all came about from me finishing a STEP install, deciding I wanted an enb preset after all, uninstalling ELE - Lite since its incompatible with my chosen preset (NLA), installing all NLA patches, reapplying the bashed patch, DSR, and FINIS, and then finally running into this hiccup. If I can just get DynDOLOD working right I can finally launch the game and see If I installed my enb correctly.)
  4. Sorry, should of come back to tie up loose ends earlier. Success! I had reapplied Bethini but the CTD's where still happening the same. Things didn't straighten up until I ripped out anything ENB related and reinstalled ENBoost as you suggested. That ENB preset must have been the issue all along. I've been poring over the step mod list ever since trying to straighten out the compatibilities and necessary patches.
  5. I had just finished a STEP Extended install plus an ENB over it yesterday. The game ran perfectly. I sat down on my computer today and forget what I was doing for a second and double clicked the vanilla launcher. Don't know why I didn't think to remove it from my desktop earlier. Anyway, I launched Skyrim on MO and it CTDs immediately. I figured launching vanilla Skyrim must of reset some inis files. I delete my game saves (haven't started a play through anyway) and check out enblocal.ini cause I remember off the bat that there were some important ini edits STEP had me make there. Can confirm all the settings have been messed with. I change them back as per STEP instructions, except for the ones that make the preset work. Along the way some of the other settings seem funky, but I can't be sure cause I don't remember them from before and I don't know what they do. I check out the ini files editable through MOs ini editor next by pulling up the footprints mod page, which has some suggested ini edits I specifically remember following, and they where just as I had left them, which I didn't expect, and makes me assume those inis where untouched. I run Skyrim through MO again and start a new game. The game starts, but makes it as far as when the dialogue starts and then CTDs. I suspect there's other settings in enblocal that are still wrong now, and also that even though my ini settings are seem correct to me in MOs editor, they are wrong somewhere else (something to do with local and global settings?). The only two options I can think of is to run beth.ini and then methodically comb the STEP guide for any ini tweaks I have to reapply. (google searches bring up conversations about having to reinstall skse though, and I don't know where I fit into that) the other option is to look up advanced in depth guides of what each and every ini setting does and try setting it correctly myself. My final option and hope is that someone helps my idiot ass fix something that isn't actually that hard to fix. Help :(
  6. A quick search on this topic tells me that the frame limiter in ENBoost is kind of buggy. I could do it through the gpu control panel but an entry from early on in the STEP guide comes to mind: ("In Short - The graphics software should only be forcing max Anisotropic Filtering (AF). All other settings should be left to the Skyrim configuration (see above) and ENBoost configurations") I could also do it with the frame limiter mod, but a read through its description tells me there might be screen tearing that will need to be fixed with the vsync on the gpu control panel, which again, the guide tells me not to use. So what do the good people of the forums suggest? I'm guessing to go with the ENBoost option, regardless of its flaws?
  7. It's a special thing to read all this content out there about how the vram bug is uncircumventable, make peace with it, and then learn that its getting fixed on its own the next day within two or three months. :D Even if it does break MO, at least the problem is on our side again and the community can be proactive about it. My only concern then is if MO is still being maintained by anyone; if there will be anyone around left to fix it - since as I understand it, its creator has moved on to working on Vortex with nexus.
  8. Read up on the 4gb vram issue. I think I know what to expect now. Thanks for filling me in.
  9. Well ship. Its 8GB, but I am on Win10, unfortunately. So where does that leave me? Should I stick to all of STEPS recommendations after all? Only some? Half res textures, but full res everything else? Vice versa?
  10. Right after posting this it occurred to me that this type of question would do well on the r/skyrimmods subreddit and maybe I should of posted this there instead. Is it ok if I multi-post? I don't know the proper etiquette for this.
  11. This got a little long. Bear with me or read tldr :) First thing to note is that I have a Nvidia GTX 1080 (8gb) and a 3k res screen (Its a laptop though, 17" and not perfectly ventilated). Anyway, I'm following the step guide. I've made it to 2.G Landscapes and Environments, and glancing down this list, and beyond to the other sections, I see that the guide stays away from the highest quality versions of the mods listed, choosing 1k over 2k and 2k over 4k. I understand why of course, but I have a few questions. Can I choose the highest quality versions (up to 3k ofc) of all the mods in this guide without any issues? Can I assume that the guide chooses the resolutions it does purely to avoid being resource intensive? Or is it an issue of the trade off in performance just not being worth it for the HQ versions? What kind of performance drop can I expect forgoing a faithful step installation to an all HQ one? Can a 1080 handle it? What about with another 50 - 100 mods on top of the step process? ENBs and city overhauls and grass/tree mods and all them sweet sweet pretty people mods. Maybe you can tell, but I've never had a good computer, and this will be my first game on it. Even worse, I've not even stepped into the game for any meaningful amount of time yet. I have no idea of what I can expect from my laptop "rig" yet, and while I'll have figured it out at the end of my modding journey one way or the other, a heads up from more experienced modders and computer nerds would help me out greatly. TL;DR: Can I choose the highest quality versions (up to 3k) of all the mods in this guide without any issues? What kind of performance drop can I expect going forgoing a faithful step installation to an all HQ one? Can a 1080 handle it? What about with another 50 - 100 mods on top? Thank you for your time.
  12. Not sure if this is the right thread. I figure that while I don't need troubleshooting help, I do need support :D I've reached the bridge section of the installer and I would like to choose the "bridges real roads (recommended)" option over STEPs instructions to choose the "bridges" option, since I intend to install the Real Roads mod later down the line. My question is meant to help me determine if its safe to deviate from the guide on this option. It is: What is the guides reason for choosing the normal bridges option. Is it for a serious reason like because the real roads option conflicts with other STEP mods? or because the Real Roads option is bugged in some way? Or is it for a reason that gives me more leeway, like to honor the STEP guides philosophy of sticking as close to vanilla as possible? or to stay away from resource intensive mods. Thanks for your time.
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