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References for xEdit Infos


So, i may be just a potato, dumb as F%#*.
I cannot seem to find, anywhere to find information explaning the lines from xEdit.
Using F04Edit, i seee an Object Modification Conflict.
-Value Type
-Value 1 - FormID

-Value 2 - Int


What does, "Value 2 - Int" means?

On that, there is any reference guide online, for what eah of the lines found on xEdit mean?

Sorry for the possible dumb question, but i can't seem to find a answear!

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Int means integer. They may not know what the value is yet, but they know it's an integer value. That's common as they decrypt everything.

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I've found my way thorugh CK, and appear that, for exemple. 
In CK, i can't see diferences inbetween Value 2- Int 1 and 516 (exemple, WeaponModFixes has a Value 2 - Int of 1, and Gunsmith Extended has a Value 2 - Int of 516 )
In xEdit, it's clear as day that there's an conflict there.
But, at CK i can't seem to find anything toggled that could be diferent! 
This will drive me crazy xD

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