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Player icon is a cave



Every time I load up my game or start a brand new one, I get my pipboy and look on the map to see where to go or place a martker and there plain as day is this cave icon that is in place of my usual character icon, I had this issue with the map mod I was using so I got rid of ot and went back to Vanilla map, the problem remained so I installed and downloaded Cartographers Map Markers and Satellite Color World Map Combo mods, and the problem is still there, so I don't believe for a seconds it's any fault of the mods in question but I would still love to fix problem


If anyone has had this happen to them and has a solution I would be happy to hear it

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Well I fixed the problem with Zoom out Extended which while making everything look smaller than I would prefer actually removes the cave icon, since that cave icon is a bug with the Pipboy_MapPage.swf file and this replaces it (it may be a vanilla file I don't know at this point), if I happen to find an alternative to this issue I will update this post.

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