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Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - Special Edition (by JawZ)


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Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - Special Edition by JawZ
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Dropped for v0.3.0b in favor or Luminosity.



This mod intends to adjust every type of lighting inside the Skyrim game.
So it will both look better with ENB and make it a lot easier to customize
the visuals, without ruining some parts of the games look.
Which is the case with the vanilla Skyrim lighting in some parts, depending
on the 3rd party post-processing tools used.


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Imagespaces and lighting templates haven't changed between versions, so I just finished up the necessary edits that I had planned for ELE-Skyrim v0.9.6 and uploaded it to SSE Nexus, basically.

How well this works is yet to be seen as I haven't really had the time to do extensive tesing of any kind with this "new game".


At least I haven't seen any new records embedded in the lighting templates and imagespaces in the original SSE .esm files, while viewing the records in SSEedit.

Weathers though have the new VolumetricLighting records added, but other than that they are the same. As far as I've been able to tell.

And I've tested my STEPWthrFixes in SSE without issues, so far.

Edited by JawZ
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Here are some comaprison pics, most noticeable change from Skyrim Vanilla and SSE vanilla is in exteriors as that is the only place that has received any new lighting effects, as far as I've been able to tell.

Vol. Lighting is only sun rays mixed with a low quality ENB Vol. Lighting, can't find any better description for the visuals than that.


Anyway the comparison pics, mostly just ported Skyrim values over to SSE.


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Thanks Tech. Glad you like the change. Fog colors are still an "issue" though, they brighten up the distance a bit too much

now that I have lowered the ambient lighting by up to ~60%. The Directional lighting also needs to come down a little in ice and snow interiors.


The exteriors are still just the same as this mod, with the added SSE Vol. Lighting;



Tweaks are needed, the fog for instance is of dire need of an overhaul, at least in non fog and rain weathers.

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Found a pair of functions in my old xEdit scripts to convert colors r,g,b h,s,l

I used them to tweak luminance while preserving colors and changing saturation preserving luminace of imagespaces, weather colors, tints, etc in my personal lighting mods, maybe you'll find them useful too.

procedure rgb2hsl(red, green, blue: Byte; var h, s, l: Double);
  r, g, b, cmax, cmin, d, dd: double;
  cmin := Min(red, Min(green, blue)) / 255;
  cmax := Max(red, Max(green, blue)) / 255;
  r := red / 255;
  g := green / 255;
  b := blue / 255;
  h := (cmax + cmin) / 2;
  s := (cmax + cmin) / 2;
  l := (cmax + cmin) / 2;
  if cmax = cmin then begin
    h := 0;
    s := 0;
  else begin
    d := cmax - cmin;
    if l > 0.5 then s := d / (2 - cmax - cmin) else s := d / (cmax + cmin);
    if g < b then dd := 6 else dd := 0;
    if cmax = r then
      h := (g - b) / d + dd
    else if cmax = g then
      h := (b - r) / d + 2
    else if cmax = b then
      h := (r - g) / d + 4;
    h := h / 6;

function hue2rgb(p, q, t: Double): Double;
  if t < 0 then t := t + 1;
  if t > 1 then t := t - 1;
  if t < 1 / 6 then
    Result := p + (q - p) * 6 * t
  else if t < 1 / 2 then
    Result := q
  else if t < 2 / 3 then
    Result := p + (q - p) * (2/3 - t) * 6
    Result := p;

procedure hsl2rgb(h, s, l: Double; var red, green, blue: Byte);
  r, g, b, p, q: double;
  if s = 0 then begin
    r := l;
    g := l;
    b := l;
  else begin
    if l < 0.5 then q := l * (1 + s) else q := l + s - l * s;
    p := 2 * l - q;
    r := hue2rgb(p, q, h + 1/3);
    g := hue2rgb(p, q, h);
    b := hue2rgb(p, q, h - 1/3);
  red := Round(r * 255);
  green := Round(g * 255);
  blue := Round(b * 255);

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