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SKSE Loading times question (SR:LE)



Good morning/evening,

i have been following Neovalen's awesome guide the past few days and "completed" it (depending on the answer(s) of the following questions i guess :P) and i do not know if it really is an issue with my setup regarding SR:LE or if it is supposed to be that way but basically... :

Skyrim takes a very long time to start (running it through SKSE on Mod Organizer as instructed by the guide), approximatively 40 seconds to start-up each time, while when i am in game, the loading times are not that high (no stutter, no poor fps, no very long loading times) it is only the start-up (also i do not know if it is related but my Skyrim basically CTD if i want to go back to the main menu from IG...)

It has been the third time that i am following the guide step-by-step very carefully (and on my third installement (reinstalling Skyrim completly while doing so everytime), testing/starting the game to see if this issue occurs by booting the game after a couple of mods or three mods each time, always sorting load order with LOOT through MO) and it pinpoints me towards Vividian ENB (after i installed it as instructed, booting the game started to become way way longer so it might have to do with ENB settings or maybe my specs which i will provide at the end of my post although would not understand why since in-game everything is fine).


(EDIT : I have also noticed that save files have a huge size (bloated?) it was a 11 MB save file on a completed SRLE profile save (and right now on this new installment it is at (5 MB, and that is just a fresh new save, same for the old 11 MB save file... related?)

So the question is, is it supposed to be taking this much longer for each session? (Skyrim is on an SSD btw and i have launched it through MO multiple times (with SKSE), still around 40 seconds boot duration) or is it really supposed to be this long for mostly everyone?

Here's my desktop spec (getting a bit old :P) :

CPU : Intel® Core i5-3570K @ 3.40 GHz

SSD: Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series (119 Go, IDE) (where Skyrim is)

GPU : Sapphire Vapor X HD 7970 GHz Edition 3 GO (AMD)

RAM : 8 Go (G.Skill DDR3 Ares edition IIRC)

Motherboard : MSI Z77A-GD65

Thank you in advance if you are replying, much appreciated and very awesome guide Neovalen!

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