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  1. Cool, i editied the 2.54's to not need admin access if you want me to pm them over to you? Save you recompiling, etc..
  2. Sheson, why do the 2.54 exe files have manifests requesting admin access? It isn't needed.
  3. If wanting to run borderless windowed mode that setting is irrelevant to both the onetweak and enb implementations. They both force borderless windowed mode on startup. Just pick onetweak or enb, not both. Onetweak is the superior option though.
  4. There are two free methods of providing SSL, lets encrypt and cloudflare. The latter is easier than the former. Not sure why foot dragging is occuring.
  5. I've done my own research and worked in collaboration with others. My information is not false, yours however is. We can bounce around like this forever though, so I'll leave folks to read my posts and make up their own mind.
  6. You might be able to get away with just not using the lanterns of skyrim patch for blowing in the wind. But I'd suggest just dropping blowing in the wind - too many meshes to fix.
  7. You are correct in your understanding of "may". OSAllocators=1 might cause RAM fragmentation leading to "out of memory" errors when there are no free contiguous blocks of RAM to meet allocation requests. However the same is also true of the block allocator the Skyrim uses by default and the custom block allocator that meh implemented in CrashFixes to slow fragmentation rate. Crash Fixes has a fixed size block allocator that when full will fallback on standard malloc allocation. That argument is therefore irrelevant. Third party software is the cause of most problems. However most people when told to not run said applications will respond with "well I don't have any issues", so leave them to it. They can suffer in the slower, crashy world if they're not prepared to listen to well founded advice. SKSE block size should be 1024 and ExpandSystemMemoryx64 should be false for the most stable Skyrim session if you don't want to set osallocators=1 in Crashfixes. The SKSE values are irrelevant if using OSAllocators=1 and ExpandMemoryX64 should still be false. The only time ExpandSystemMemoryX64 should be true is if you're not using SKSE at all in which case you failed Skryim modding 101. If you trust neither the people here in the STEP forums or over on r/skyrimmods with their advice there's nothing more I can do for you. At this point I'm going to say LoS is probably fine and that Blowing in the Wind is the problem. I tust Zilav knows what he's doing and his tool only reports a limited subset of NIF errors that can make the game unstable/crash. I might test more myself but I'm not in a hurry to do so.
  8. You can contradict me all you like, doesn't change the fact that beta 4/release has a ctd bug in the custom block allocator. It wasn't even me that found it, it was HiShutUp who mentioned it in his "pretty much vanilla skyrim" guide published in the step wiki. However, I'm not doubting that you are not encountering the conditions to trigger it might well be true though.
  9. You're right. I redownloaded the files to double check. It would be the Blowing in the Wind meshes that get patched on to the LoS lamp posts.
  10. There's a bug in beta4/release ver of crash fies with the custom block allocator that will ctd the game. If you want to use the custom block allocator use beta3, otherwise disable it. It isn't really needed for SRLE/Extended LotD.
  11. I know what the custom allocator is for in crash fixes. I suggested the idea to meh and helped him test it. I just never seem to be around when he is to alert him to the CTD introduced in the most recent release of crash fixes. I do not make claims as I have for fits and giggles, but you do you.
  12. I don't frequent the STEP forums very much so the number of people I would trust implicity is quite small. Should I increase my participation I would hope that would grow. But yes issues will be identified and addressed, that is what I was trying to do when mentioning LoS being a source of CTD's. On the re-producability I know of atleast 3 other people from the r/skyrimmods community that have had CTD issues with LoS that have gone away when it was the only mod removed. You might want to setup a test profile in MO and see if your stability increases without LoS.
  13. Yeah Microsoft wasn't thinking straight when calling it the "Fall Creators Update". Roll out started on 17th October. You're safe to upgrade manually with the media creation tool from Microsoft. You could be waiting 18+ months for an automatic roll out due to the way Microsoft staggers the roll out via windows update.
  14. IMO large player communities mean little for projects such as this guide as the vast majority of them will attribute CTD's to either Skyrim being crash prone or having done something wrong. The number of users sufficiently competent at skyrim modding to figure out otherwise is small. This said I wouldn't expect guide curators to inspect a project as large as LotD for mesh/navmesh/ai package issues, that I'd leave up to the creators of such a large project. I was looking to provide specifics but the surviving log of nifscan output I have seems to be post-los-removal from my setup. It is fairly easy to point nifscan at the LoS meshes and generate the info you need however. There is a comment on the posts tab by user Beezle on how to strip the output of issues you need not care about. Lastly part of your avoidance of LoS related CTD's could be down to how you play and Skyrims own random tolerance/intollerance of broken meshes. I suspect if you fast travel all over the place instead running everywhere as I do you will encounter few to no broken LoS meshes to cause Skyrim to CTD. In my case running down a road past more than a few LoS meshes would drop me to the desktop. Changing nothing beyond removing LoS and rerunning DynDOLOD resolved that CTD restoring my ability to play most of the day without crashing.
  15. You need the Fall Creators update aka build 1709 - go grab the media creation tool and upgrade manually :)
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