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Save Game Folder Location for Enderal





I was wondering if anyone could provide some guidance or a straight answer for creating a new "Saves" folder for Enderal. The reason I ask is that since I've installed it (Enderal), I now see my Skyrim saves in it's start menu.


First, for the sake of perspective, I installed Enderal after creating a new installation location (..\Games\TES - Enderal\). I extracted a clean backup I had for my latest Skyrim installation into this folder before going through the installation procedure for Enderal. I then installed Mod Organizer into that folder so that Enderal would have it's own version of MO. I had to do a little finagling with the SKSE link (directing it to the Enderal launcher as opposed to Skyrim) and directing it to the Downloads folder in the Skyrim Mod Organizer (for the sake of accessing mods).


With all the above, the game loads as expected, except that (again), I see all my Skyrim saves in the Enderal load list. I created an Enderal save folder with the "My Documents\My Games\ folder, and moved the Enderal save there, but I haven't found a way to link that folder to Enderal's Mod Organizer via ModOrganizer.ini or the Profile ini's. I'm somewhat inclined to think that maybe I should remove the steamapi.dll from Enderal's installation folder since it's installed outside of the Steam folder and is otherwise not associated with my Skyrim installation at all. But even if that disassociates Skyrim's saves with Enderal, presumably, there's still no way (I've come up with) to link the newly created saves folder to Enderal. 


I'm hoping that all I've said here makes sense... On that note, if anyone can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance for taking the time!

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If you're running the game from Mod Organizer, go into Configure Profiles and check Local Saves. If you do this, the save files are stored in Mod Organizer's Profiles\[profile name]\Saves folder instead of in Users/Documents/My Games/Skyrim.

THIS!^^^ Thank you Greg! I wish I could buy you the beverage of your choice!

Heres some ini tweaks to take a look at

sLocalSavePath and bUseMyGamesDirectory

Thanks hishutup! I think the first link would give me a more complete solution overall. For the moment, Greg's solution provided the most immediate success. I will still try what the first link suggests and put this in the skyrim.ini located in the Enderal Mod Organizer profiles folder. I appreciate your help as well!

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